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luglio 01, 2021

Todd Skare named Praxair Surface Technologies President

Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc. è leader nel mondo in continua espansione dei rivestimenti resistenti all'usura e alla corrosione acquosa. Quasi tutti i settori immaginabili, aeronautico, acciaio, plastica, stampa, petrolio, tessile,...

novembre 01, 2018

PG Technologies Continues to Exponentially Grow its Workforce

PG Technologies, LLC, a Praxair Surface Technologies and GE Aviation joint venture, will soon exceed initial workforce projections in Ellisville, Mississippi – the recently relocated headquarters of PG Technologies.

febbraio 12, 2018

PG Technologies Expanding Coating Capacity in Singapore

PG Technologies, Pte Ltd, a Praxair Surface Technologies and GE Aviation joint venture, announced that it intends to add additional coating capacity in Singapore to meet the aviation industry’s growing demand.

dicembre 01, 2017

Praxair and GE Aviation Open New Advanced Jet Engine Coatings Facility in Ellisville, Mississippi

Praxair, Inc. and GE Aviation today opened a new facility for their PG Technologies business, which specializes in advanced coatings that enable jet engines to withstand higher temperatures and stresses.

agosto 03, 2017

Praxair Expands Skills Pipeline Workforce Development Program; Launches New Advanced Manufacturing Training with Ivy Tech Community College

The new program will offer instruction, career support and professional development opportunities to students training to become advanced manufacturing technologists.

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