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TAFA Plasma Spray

The right equipment for your plasma spray needs

From simple, reliable spray equipment to sophisticated computerized plasma controls, all of our TAFA® systems are easy to operate and simple to integrate into any coating environment. Our plasma torches operate at power levels ranging from 20 kW to 220 kW and can be used for nearly any ID or OD application. And our plasma controls extend from manual critical-orifice gas flow controlled to mass flow closed-loop PLC-controlled. See our plasma torches and controls below.

TAFA® Plasma Spray Brochure (1MB)

TAFA Model SG-100 Plasma Torch -

Model SG-100 Plasma GunTAFA Model SG-100 is an 80 kW, multi-mode plasma spray torch that is capable of producing subsonic, Mach I and Mach II gas velocity levels. Its versatility allows you to spray a wide range of materials to produce virtually any type of plasma coating from high-density wear-resistant carbides to controlled-porosity Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs). The SG-100's unique design also provides the option of internal or external powder injection, further enhancing the operator's ability to tailor coating characteristics.  

Model SG-100 features:

  • CE compliant
  • High spray rates
  • Internal and external powder injection
  • Long-life anodes and cathodes
  • Power levels up to 80 kW
  • Self-aligning components
  • Three modes of operation for tailored coatings

Optional enhancements include power cable adapters, air jet cooling kit, external powder feed adapter and gun mounts.

TAFA Model SG-200 Plasma Torch -

Model SG-200 Plasma GunTAFA Model SG-200 is a versatile 40 kW thermal spray torch, ideal for production environments that require rapid, uniform and repeatable coatings. Its unique design is suited for machine mounting, is capable of true 90° spraying, accepts internal and external powder injection and incorporates hardware for several injection angles.

Model SG-200 features:

  • CE compliant
  • Internal or external powder injection
  • Power levels up to 40 kW
  • Self-aligning, long-life components
  • Straight-ahead or true 90° spraying

Optional enhancements include air jet part cooling kit, external powder feed adapter and gun mounts.

TAFA Model 2086A Extension Torch -

TAFA Model 2086A is a versatile production gun designed for internal diameter coating applications. It is available in three spray angles, 45°, 60° and straight-ahead, and can deposit coatings into diameters as small as 2.5” / 63.5 mm. The extension gun shares components with the standard SG-100 spray gun and can be easily converted from OD to ID setup for maximum flexibility. 

Model 2086A features:

  • Available in 12” and 24” / 300 and 600 mm (custom lengths available)

  • Built-in air jet for part cooling

  • Easily adapted to standard SG-100

  • Operates up to 30 kW in the subsonic mode

  • Self-aligning components

  • Simplified anode design for exceptional hardware life and economical operation

  • Three spray angles: 45°, 60° and straight-ahead

TAFA Model 2700 Extension Torch -

Model 2700 Extension GunDesigned for small internal diameter coating jobs, TAFA Model 2700 can deposit coatings into diameters as small as 1.5”. It offers two spray angle configurations, 45° and straight-ahead, and is available in any length up to 72”. Like the Model 2086A, the Model 2700 components are interchangeable with the standard SG-100 plasma spray gun to allow for quick conversion from OD to ID setup.

Model 2700 features:

  • Applies coatings to IDs as small as 1.5” / 38 mm

  • Available in standard 12” or 24” / 300 or 600 mm and custom lengths up to 72” / 1829 mm

  • Built-in air jet for part cooling

  • CE compliant

  • Easily adapted to standard SG-100

  • Operates up to 30 kW in the subsonic mode

  • Self-aligning components

  • Two spray angles: 45° and straight-ahead

TAFA Model SG-2100 Compact Extension Torch -

Model SG-2100 ExtensionTAFA Model SG-2100 is intended for coating the smallest internal diameters (IDs) and other difficult-to-access areas where metallic, carbide or oxide ceramic coatings are required. With a body diameter of only 0.80” / 20.3 mm, the SG-2100 can fit into IDs as small as 1.25” / 32 mm when equipped with two powder ports or 1.1” / 28 mm with a single powder port tube. It offers an 80° spray angle and is available in 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” / 300, 400, 500, 600 mm lengths.

Model SG-2100 features:

  • 80° spray angle for spraying of stepped internal geometries

  • Applies coatings to IDs as small as 1.1” / 28 mm

  • Ar and Ar-H2 operation for lower gas costs

  • Available in 12”, 16”, 20” and 24” / 300, 400, 500, 600 mm lengths

  • Dual powder ports for rapid changeover between bond coat and topcoat materials

  • High deposition efficiency (up to 60%)

  • Indexed outer body tube and anode for repeatable spot location

  • Power levels up to 30 kW

  • Rigid design tolerates rapid motion for complex parts and robot programs

  • Spray rates up to 35 g/minute for reduced cycle time

TAFA Model 3710 Plasma Control -

Model 3710 Plasma Control ConsoleAn economic and manual controller, TAFA Model 3710 features easy-to-use controls in a compact, wall-mountable cabinet. The unit can control two powder feeders, one at a time, and has an auxiliary power circuit. The jeweled critical gas orifices are used to ensure consistent and repeatable control and coating quality. And the solid-state power control allows the operator to select the operating current before gun ignition and maintains the current with 1% of the set value.

Model 3710 features:

  • Built-in power supply controller with digital displays

  • CE compliant

  • Compact, wall-mountable design

  • Critical orifice gas flow control

  • Economical, manual control

  • NFPA Type "Z" purging with audio/visual alarm

  • Power supply choices are either the 40 kW PS-1000 or the 100 kW HPS-100

  • Two powder feeder capability (one at a time)

Optional enhancements include gun voltage and gas flow monitoring.

TAFA Model 6600XL Plasma Control -

Model 6600c Plasma ControllerWith unmatched flexibility, TAFA Model 6600XL is ideal for research applications and production environments. It is rugged, reliable and based on jeweled critical orifice controls—converting pressure measurement to flow readings. It can also configure and display two flow readouts for each process gas, providing easy transition for operators who are familiar with other plasma controllers and processes.

Model 6600XL features:

  • Closed-loop primary and secondary gas flow
  • Compatible with all conventional single-cathode plasma spray torches
  • Converts pressure readings to digital flow readouts
  • Configurable display with choice of up to two different simultaneous unit displays
  • Full automatic PLC control
  • Gun voltage monitoring
  • Integration and operational flexibility
  • Jeweled critical orifice gas flow control
  • Multi-gas compatible
  • Part cooling air control
  • Soft-start functionality improves electrode life

Optional enhancements include closed-loop carrier gas flow, water conductivity monitoring, remote OIT, mobile stand/cart and orifice options for custom flow ranges.

TAFA Model 7700AP Plasma Control -

Model 7700AP Plasma ControlTAFA Model 7700AP (Air Plasma) is a modular, closed-loop, mass flow control based system. It has an easy-to-operate touchscreen, unlimited recipe storage and delivers real-time feedback, all to ensure consistent coating characteristics and reproducibility.

The system’s Net Energy function automatically maintains the energy in the plasma plume to assure proper melting conditions for the powder. And the Data Acquisition Package (DAP) provides comprehensive, post-process statistical data for thorough analysis.

Model 7700AP features:

  • 100 kW power supply to run most commercially available plasma torches

  • Closed-loop process control

  • Data Acquisition Package (DAP)

  • Expandable via DeviceNet® interface with other spray or manipulation devices

  • Maintenance screen with user-defined time intervals

  • Optional remote diagnostics capability

  • Preset safety interlocks

  • Recipe storage with multi-layer part recipe capability

  • Rugged and powerful industrial PC touchscreen interface

TAFA Model 7700PJ PlazJet II Plasma System -

PlazJet GunOur high-powered DC plasma spray system delivers superior-quality coatings at a dramatically low cost. When compared to conventional plasma systems, the TAFA Model 7700PJ spray rates are 3 to 6 times faster, deposit efficiency is increased and cycle times are reduced by up to 33%.

The high spray velocity compacts the coating particles to generate harder, denser coatings with ultra-low porosity and stronger bonds—creating durable coatings with excellent finishing characteristics. 

Model 7700PJ features:

  • Choice of 200-4 or 7070E/7070I PlazJet torches

  • Closed-loop process control

  • Data Acquisition 

  • Maintenance screens with user-defined time intervals

  • Power levels from 170 to 220 kW

  • Recipe storage with multi-layer part recipe capability

  • Up to 4 powder feeder capability

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface