Corona Treating

specialized solutions for Corona Treating

Get the best possible treatment

Improve the consistency of your product day in and day out with our ultra-durable ceramic roll covers for corona treating. Developed to easily repel scratches, dings and dents, our ceramic rolls covers offer surface hardness of 1,000–HV0,3 and bond strength of more than 45N/mm2—making them corrosion and wear resistant for the entire life of the roll.

Applied with our exclusive thermal spray plasma system, our uniform ceramic covers provide consistent heat dispersion from side to side and end to end. And after application, they can be ground to meet OEM specifications, preventing damage to your substrate and ensuring your rolls run true without machine vibration.

Finally, our ceramic covers are easy to clean and can withstand more aggressive cleaning than alternative covers, increasing your machine’s production capability. Get more done with our ceramic roll covers for corona treating.

Corona Roll Engraving Technology (242 KB)