Protecting our people and our planet

Our products and technologies serve our customers and the environment. We develop coatings and applications that enhance our customers’ productivity and improve environmental performance by decreasing energy consumption, extending component life and producing higher-quality products. And we invest our time and resources into creating a workplace that keeps our employees safe and helps them reach their fullest potential.

Sustainability Principles

Our core sustainability principles:

Governance & Integrity—Maintain a strong culture and systems of global corporate governance, compliance, ethics, human rights, integrity and accountability

Strategic Leadership—Stay current with, and take advantage of, emerging global opportunities, developments and challenges to position Praxair Surface Technologies for the future

Customer Commitment—Focus relentlessly on the delivery of value through continuous innovation that helps our customers enhance their product quality, service, reliability, productivity, safety, energy efficiency and environmental performance

Environmental Responsibility—Achieve continuous environmental performance improvement and energy efficiency in our operations

Employee Safety & Development—Provide opportunities that allow employees to develop to their fullest potential in a creative, inclusive and safe environment

Community Support—Participate in community development in the areas where we live and work

Financial Performance—Maintain year-on-year recognition from shareholders and stakeholders for top-tier financial performance

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication—Partner with internal and external stakeholders to achieve a strong, secure and sustainable society, economy and environment