Additive Manufacturing Powders

TruForm AM metal powders are making your dreams for metal AM fly

Look to Praxair Surface Technologies for TruForm metal powders, know-how, resources, and supply to turn your AM dreams into reality. Full line of cobalt, iron, nickel, and titanium powders. 

TruForm Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing
TruForm Metal Powders - Overview Flyer

TruForm powders jar and canisterGas atomized metal powders specifically designed for additive manufacturing

  • Broad product portfolio

  • Customization capability

  • Large lot size

  • Capacity

Engineered for all AM processes

  • Direct metal deposition (DED)

  • Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)

  • Electron beam melting (EBM)

  • Laser metal deposition (LMD)

  • Metal injection molding (MIM)

  • Selective laser melting (SLM)

TruForm Additive Manufacturing Powders

Powder Characteristics

Our cobalt, iron, nickel, and titanium metal powders for additive manufacturing flow easily and deposit evenly. The result? Successive layers with consistent density and uniform build rates. Ultimately, this helps products meet the mechanical, performance, and final part specifications of 3D printed parts.

particle size distribution

Particle Size Distribution

Powders are available in a wide variety of particle size distributions and can be customized for your applications.

TruForm Metal Powders Quality Control Testing

Quality Control Testing

Our in-house metallurgy QC testing lab allows us to test for multiple variables including full chemistry, flow analysis, density, morphology, and particle size. We supply certificates of analysis detailing all quality tests and offer 100% lot inspection. The Praxair AM Quality Lab is registered as an ISO-9001: 2008, Nadcap AS7101, and AS9100 facility.

questions for your am powder supplier

8 Questions for your metal powder supplier

AM Metal Powders Buyers Guide

Whether your organization is working in prototypes or mass production of metal AM parts, here are eight important qualities to consider in any AM metal powders supplier. We'll also share how Praxair Surface Technologies is positioned in each of these areas to help your operation meet the demands of metal AM.

AM Metal Powders Buyers Guide(488KB)

Can your metal powder supplier pour thousands of pounds in one melt? We have the capacity to produce lot sizes that are thousands of lbs., while maintaining a high yield percentage in both coarse and fine grain particles.

Can your supplier tailor their powders to your projects? Praxair Surface Technologies manufactures both large and small lots, delivering powders in quantities as low as 10 lbs. We make metal powders optimized for all additive platforms and can also customize composition and sizing to your precise parameters. Praxair stocks standard products in large inventories for fast delivery. Customized products can be delivered in as little as a few weeks, not months.

Does your supplier specialize in only a few compositions? As your metal AM expertise grows, so may your needs for different materials. We manufacture and supply cobalt, iron, nickel, and titanium powders at a mass-production scale.

What technology does your supplier use to manufacture its powders? Praxair Surface Technologies only produces metal powders using vacuum induction melting with argon gas atomization. We also built the world's largest titanium gas atomizer for high-volume production, which added to our existing large-scale production of cobalt, iron, and nickel powders. Our close-coupled atomization technology delivers up to 10x more yield vs. older methods.

Does your supplier have a proven track record in metal powder manufacturing safety? Like most manufacturing, AM metal powder production can be dangerous if not done correctly. We regularly consult with customers to help them improve and refine their safety procedures, building from best practices we've developed over decades of metal powder manufacturing. 

Does your supplier carry the necessary certifications for your end-use? Praxair works with aerospace-grade raw materials which undergo thorough testing in our onsite lab. We carry AS 9100, ISO 9001, and Nadcap certifications.

Does your supplier implement formal process improvement methodologies? We employ Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, and other continuous improvement methodologies to keep our processes up-to-speed with the metal AM industry and devise process improvement products specific to metal AM.

Is your supplier committed to keeping pace with metal AM growth? We have been an industry leader and innovator since 1946. Our parent company, Praxair, Inc. serves a million customers worldwide and has annual sales of $11 billion. With this backing, Praxair Surface Technologies has made substantial, ongoing investments in metal AM.

metal powders for additive manufacturing

Vacuum induction melt argon gas metal powders

manufacturing process for additive powders

Praxair Surface Technologies has been producing atomized powders for more than 50 years. We pour more than 3 million pounds of powder each year in batches ranging from 100 to 5,000 pounds.

Processing Steps

The process steps involved in the production of TruForm metal powders are 1) batching raw materials, 2) vacuum melting, 3) pouring the molten metal, 4) converting the molten metal into droplets via atomization, 5) collecting the solidified particles, 6) size classification of powder, 7) blending to ensure lot homogeneity, 8) thorough quality inspection, and 9) packaging. 


Through our screening and air classification processes, Praxair is able to produce large capacity custom powder sizing. We've optimized our powder production by utilizing automation and industry-standard operating methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean. Our metal powders are appropriate for use in powder bed and powder fed technologies. 


Our robust blending procedures ensure uniform composition and properties, which assure consistency and eliminate segregation. At Praxair, we produce lots in excess of 5,000 lbs. that are subjected to our stringent quality control procedures for each lot. 

metal powders for additive manufacturing

Tru2Spec Precision Powder Formulation

Precision AM metal powders
designed for your innovative applications

Tru2Spec™ precision powder formulation, only from Praxair, enables you to create a custom AM metal powder that meets the exact specifications of your most demanding applications. No more guessing if an off-theshelf powder will hit the spec and meet your requirements. 

TruForm Metal Powders - Tru2Spec Brochure 

How Tru2Spec™ works

1. Evaluate your custom powder before it's ever produced

2. Test powder performance in trial-sized batches

3. Produce approved powder for commercial use


Cobalt Powders




TruForm™ 188 



TruForm™ 509 (Co-222)


CO-222 (138KB)

TruForm™ CoCr (Co-538)


CO-538 (138KB)

Iron Powders




TruForm™ 15-5 (Fe-347)


FE-347 (132KB)

TruForm™ 17-4 (Fe-276)


FE-276 (132KB)

TruForm™ 316 (Fe-271)


FE-271 (132KB)

TruForm™ MS (Fe-339)


FE-339 (132KB)

Nickel Powders




TruForm™ 142 (Ni-365)


NI-365 (132KB)

TruForm™ 230 (Ni-1287) 


NI-1287 (132KB)

TruForm™ 247 (Ni-335)


NI-335 (132KB)

TruForm™ 617 (Ni-1066)


NI-1066 (132KB)

TruForm™ 625 (Ni-328)


NI-328 (132KB)

TruForm™ 718 (Ni-202)


NI-202 (144KB) 

TruForm™ 738 (Ni-284)


NI-284 (132KB)

TruForm™ 914 (Ni-914)

Ni 99.00 min

NI-914 (113KB)

TruForm™ 939 (Ni-238) 


NI-238 (132KB)

TruForm™ HX (Ni-111)


NI-111 (132 KB)

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Titanium Powders

 TruForm™ 64-5 (Ti-105) Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5)   TI-105 (155KB)
 TruForm™ 64-23 (Ti-123) Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 23) TI-123 (155KB) 
 TruForm™ 4822 (Ti-4822)  Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr Tl-4822 (136KB) 
 TruForm™ 6242 (Ti-301) Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo  N/A