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The right equipment for your plasma spray needs

From simple, reliable spray equipment to sophisticated computerized plasma controls, all of our TAFA® systems are easy to operate and simple to integrate into any coating environment. Our plasma torches operate at power levels ranging from 20 kW to 220 kW and can be used for nearly any ID or OD application. And our plasma controls extend from manual critical-orifice gas flow controlled to mass flow closed-loop PLC-controlled. See our plasma torches and controls below.

TAFA® Plasma Spray Brochure (1MB)

TAFA Model SG-100 Plasma Torch -

Model SG-100 Plasma GunTAFA Model SG-100 is an 80 kW, multi-mode plasma spray torch that is capable of producing subsonic, Mach I and Mach II gas velocity levels. Its versatility allows you to spray a wide range of materials to produce virtually any type of plasma coating from high-density wear-resistant carbides to controlled-porosity Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs). The SG-100's unique design also provides the option of internal or external powder injection, further enhancing the operator's ability to tailor coating characteristics.  

Model SG-100 features:

  • CE compliant
  • High spray rates
  • Internal and external powder injection
  • Long-life anodes and cathodes
  • Power levels up to 80 kW
  • Self-aligning components
  • Three modes of operation for tailored coatings

Optional enhancements include power cable adapters, air jet cooling kit, external powder feed adapter and gun mounts.

TAFA Model SG-200 Plasma Torch -

TAFA Model 2086A Extension Torch -

TAFA Model 2700 Extension Torch -

TAFA Model SG-2100 Compact Extension Torch -

TAFA Model 3710 Plasma Control -

TAFA Model 6600XL Plasma Control -

TAFA Model 7700AP Plasma Control -

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