High-Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)

High-Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)

Producing the highest-quality coatings

Nothing is more important in an HVOF system than its ability to produce high-quality coatings. Each of our systems is designed to generate extremely high particle velocity to produce ultra-dense coatings at exceptional rates. And we offer both liquid-fueled high-pressure and gaseous-fueled equipment developed to help you achieve the highest-performing coatings possible. See our HVOF coating equipment below.

TAFA® HP/HVOF Brochure (1.4MB)

TAFA Model 5220 HP/HVOF Gun -

Model 5220 HP/HVOF GunThe TAFA Model 5220 is a kerosene-fueled HP/HVOF gun that is used to achieve extremely high coating densities. The unique design of this gun allows it to produce particle velocities of 3,300 to 3,900 fps, which is significantly higher than any other gaseous-fueled HVOF device on the market today.

Model 5220 features:

  • Efficient combustion and particle heating

  • Efficient gun cooling

  • Multiple gun configurations with multiple barrel lengths

  • Radial, low-pressure powder injection

  • Thick coating capability

TAFA Model 8200 HP/HVOF Gun -

TAFA Model 825 JPid HP/HVOF Inside Diameter (ID) Gun -

TAFA Model 7700GF Gaseous-Fueled HVOF System -

TAFA Model 7780 Universal Process Control Center (UPCC) -

TAFA Model JP-8000 HP/HVOF® System -

TAFA Model JP-5000® HP/HVOF® System -