Thermal Spray


Effective from every angle

Thermal spray is a cost-effective way to protect critical components from wear, corrosion, fatigue, oxidation and high temperatures. It can be used to extend the service life of new parts before they go into operation and restore worn ones.

Our versatile coating processes can apply a wide range of materials at different spray rates and coating thicknesses to meet your unique specifications. With our multi-axis robots and automated systems, we create uniform coatings on parts with super-complex geometries, delivering strong bonds that withstand heavy mechanical loads. Thermal barrier, tungsten carbide, chromium carbide and copper-nickel-indium are just a few of the coatings we can apply using one of several thermal spray technologies. See our different thermal spray application processes below.

Cold Spray -

The cold spray process uses supersonic jets of compressed gas to accelerate room-temperature powder particles onto a component’s substrate at ultra-high velocities. Our proprietary LOXPlate™ cold spray process produces high-density low-oxygen coatings at high deposition rates and is ideally suited for restoring your worn components.

Detonation Gun & Super D-Gun™ -

Flame Spray -

High-Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) -

HVOF: CoreGardTM -

HVOF: ExoGardTM -

Plasma Spray (including LPPS, Shrouded & SPS) -

Wire Arc Spray -