Application Processes

Coating Application Processes

Coatings are just the beginning

The right coating can perform to its highest potential only when applied properly. That’s why we’ve developed and patented a wide range of application methods and materials to address whatever surface issue you’re facing. No matter the component, the operating environment or the required specifications, we can help you improve performance, reduce operating costs and mitigate risks.

We offer a wide range of slurry processes designed to create stable coating films that are strongly bonded to the substrate of metal, ceramic and glass components.

We use the diffusion process to apply platinum, platinum aluminide and simple aluminide coatings on turbine airfoils and other components.

Along with laser case hardening and laser welding services, we offer a laser cladding process that produces weld overlays that are metallurgically bonded and virtually impenetrable.

Our electrodeposition process is designed to maximize hardness of your most critical components, delivering corrosion, friction and wear resistance.

Our thermal spray processes are cost-effective and versatile, helping you protect new and worn parts from wear, corrosion, fatigue, oxidation and high temperatures.

We offer three different vapor deposition processes to deliver the coating properties and structures you need on precision parts.