Mantova & Monte Marenzo, Italy

Mantova & Monte Marenzo, Italy

Mantova Plant


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Monte Marenzo Plant


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Our mission, as a company specializing in surface treatment is to offer innovative technical solutions with a quality beyond our customer`s expectations. We offer consultancy before and after the sale, in order to develop partnerships with our customers, whilst always maintaining our target, the health and safety of our employees and respect for the environment.

Research & Development

Smaltiriva always invested a lot of resources in R&D, hiring qualified personnel and investing in sophisticated instrumentation to detect chemical-physical properties of raw materials and coatings (DSC, contact angle, infrared spettroscopy, thermogravimtry, sal spray fog cell, AFM...).

Specially in the last years, a lot of investments in new laboratories have been made in order to deeper investigate coatings and understand mechanisms which influence surface properties (at nanometric level) in terms of antistick, dry lubrication, permeation/corrosion resistance.

The development of new coatings is handled in cooperation with PST Corporate R&D, qualified Univertities and selected suppliers of raw materials.

From this activity, Smaltiriva has been able to boost product/process innovation which gives the possibility to offer to its customers more performant and fine-tuned solutions.

R&D department, furthermore, gives a constant and valuable support to quality department in the definitions of technical specifications, monitoring of environmental and food contact regulations


From the starting of its activity, when it was a family owned company, Smaltiriva considered health and safety of its employees as the core value, investing a lot of money in upgrade of equipments and individual protective devices.

When Smaltiriva merged into Praxair, this attention to safety became even higher, introducing continuous training for all employees, internal and external audits, review of every ( even small) incident in order to work as much as possible on preventive actions.

Praxair phylosophy is that every incident is preventable , safety is a “line responsibility” from the top management to the worker level : the health and safety of its workers is the main value of the company and for this reason investments in safety are major items of expenditure.

In 2013 Praxair obtained safety certification according to OHSAS 18000, an international standard for safety management which can be obtained only if safety “culture” in the company is at the highest levels.

Same attention Praxair has for compliance to environmental regulations and for this reason since many years Praxair invested in cathalythic abatement systems to reduce emissions of solvents and particulate far below existing limits.


SMALTIRIVA began its activity in 1969 as a forerunner in Europe to offer coating services for industrial application: NON STICK, EASY –TO-CLEAN, DRY LUBRICATING, ANTI-CORROSION, WITH HARD MATRIX.

In 1998 SMALTIRIVA became part of PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES, fully owned by Praxair Inc. USA., and today is a division of Praxair Surface Technologies, a company specialised in surface treatments: ceramic, hard coating.

SMALTIRIVA today employs over 90 people in 2 different plants in Italy: Monte Marenzo (LC) and Mantova.

Smaltiriva processes all types of Teflon® coatings, such as PTFE, PFA, FEP and EFTE, for applications from small parts in large volumes to larger parts for one-off projects such as cylinders and vessels. In addition to large tunnel ovens for full robotic mass production, Smaltiriva can handle parts up to 10 meters in length, and weights up to 20 tons.

Anti-corrosive coatings as well as non-stick hard matrix coatings including plasma technology are also applied: in particular the unique and exclusive Plasma Coatings®, a special non-stick and wear-resistant coating.

Smaltiriva is also the leader in the research and application of the world famous SBSTM Bakeware Technologies: a range of non-stick coatings for oil-free baking.

The mission of our company is to offer in the field of surface coatings innovative technical solutions, quality above expectations and a counseling service before and after sales can develop a partnership with our customers, which ranks as the first target health and safety of workers and the environment.

As for safety, since he was a family business, Smaltiriva has always placed the health and safety of employees as its first objective by investing a lot of resources for adaptation of machinery and individual safety devices.

With the acquisition by Praxair, this attention is further enhanced through continuous training of all personnel, internal and external audits, analysis of every incident in order to be able to take preventive measures at the highest levels.

In 2013, Praxair has also obtained the OHSAS 18000 which is an international standard for the management of security that they can get only those companies that have reached a high "maturity" in the safety culture.

Already in the early '90s Smaltiriva obtained the certification of its quality system according to UNI - EN-ISO 9003 and then get to the beginning of the 2000s the UNI-EN ISO 9001 which covers all business activities and in 2008 the certification according update of the UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

As for innovation, Smaltiriva has always invested heavily in research and development, devoting highly qualified and acquiring cutting-edge equipment for the determination of the chemical-physical and structural properties of the raw materials and coatings (DSC, corner contact, infrared spectroscopy, salt spray, AFM).

In recent years there have been significant investments in laboratories Smaltiriva in order to analyze in detail the coatings, understanding the mechanisms that determine the surface characteristics (nanometer level) non-stick, dry lubrication, resistance to permeation and corrosion.

The development of new coatings collaborates with the Corporate R & D PST Indianapolis, the primary colleges / partnership with the most qualified suppliers of raw materials.

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The close cooperation between the main OEM suppliers to the aerospace industry and Smaltiriva has led to the selection of new specific coatings where a low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties are required to coat large mandrels (used to prepare solid propellant). Even on parts of large dimensions and difficult to handle Smaltiriva is able to guarantee maximum performance of the coating assuring release, low friction and corrosion protection


Air Ventilation


The protective systems applied on fan blades as well as housing offer many advantages like strongly reduce the accumulation of deposits, thus granting a well-balanced rotation and good protection from corrosion in air ventilation systems operating in harsh environments.




Many solutions are available in the car manufacturing process like non-stick, easy-to-clean coatings used on molds to press or thermoform plastic or rubber components and pins, wire, safety belt components and other parts are also coated where dry lubricating is necessary.



Our SBS coatings are largely used for the production of buns, croissant, square bread, toasted bread, cakes, biscuits, and sweet dough. SBS coatings are conforming to most important international regulations regarding contact with food

Chemical & Pharmaceutical  

The coatings offered by Smaltiriva for the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry have properties suited to solving corrosion problems common in the chemical process: good resistance to all principal solvents as well as all acid and alkaline products, good resistance to temperature variations, and moreover, easy-to-clean. Vessels, reactors, agitators, filters, valves and other chemical installations can be coated and protected from chemical attacks for extended periods.

Dyeing & Textiles


The wide range of non-stick coating applied by Smaltiriva is designed to protect dryers and small rolls from accumulation of sizing and colors in textile production.

Thanks to its dry-lubricating properties, the non-stick coating offers a faster and better-quality product in processing fibers in dyeing troughs. Best for anti-stick properties, dry lubrication of parts in contact specially in the dying through with natural or synthetic fibers. Best to facilitate cleaning operations at the end pf processing cycle, avoiding buildup of starch and pigments on drying cylinders and very high resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Food Industry, Machines, & Installations

The preparation, cooking and packaging of foodstuffs require a clean and hygienic environment; therefore the non-stick and easy-to-clean coatings applied by Smaltiriva have proven to be extremely successful on machinery used for processing: cheese, biscuits, dough, candies. In fact, the coating’s non-stick, easy-to-clean performance helps to reduce or eliminate the use of oil and fat, thus offering a cleaner environment.


Houseware & Domestic Appliances

From the beginning of its activity as a Du Pont Licensed Applicator, Smaltiriva has been involved in coating cooking and baking utensils, offering the most celebrated Du Pont coatings.

Upon the customer’s request, all grades of coatings: AKZO, WEILBURGER, WHITFORD, ILAG, can be offered and applied to all substrates: rolled aluminum, pressure cast or gravity cast aluminum, stainless steel, glass. Non-stick, easy-to-clean coatings are also available for coating electric grills, coffee machines, electric iron soleplates, egg-cookers, oven trays, etc. Stainless steel and glass.

Anti-stick, easy cleaning coatings are also used on small electrical appliances such as electric grill / coffee machines, iron sole plates, electrical resistances, and egg cookers.


Hydro-Thermo Sanitary Industry


Valves, taps and mixers are coated for: dry-lubrication, to allow for less metal-to-rubber friction, protection, to avoid rust and corrosion of metal, and cleanliness, to avoid salt and calcium deposits. Smaltiriva applies special coatings for industrial as well as for domestic use




When dry-lubrication and a low coefficient of friction are required, Smaltiriva can offer numerous coating solutions for: bolts, nuts, rings, etc.

Similar coatings can be also applied onto heat exchangers, valves, fans and the like to prevent the build-up of deposits, and granting easy-to-clean properties.

If required in heavy duty applications with abrasion and wear, a very hard matrix is applied prior to the coating.

 Oil & Gas

Our activities in the field of "oil & gas" include various solutions of anti-corrosive coatings, (notably xylan ®, sermagard ®, halar ®, blue armor®, ever-slik®.) We are actively meeting specifications from general electric (ge), fmc, cameron, exxon, national oilwell varco (nov), total etc.

We consider ourselves to be at the technical forefront in europe for major global companies involved in projects that require special coating systems in the world of offshore / subsea, without limitations in size or weight.

These projects typically require the use of coatings designed to combine the characteristics of corrosion protection with the reduction of coefficients of friction, to ensure easier assembly / disassembly during the process of construction and subsequent installation and maintenance. Our extensive experience has allowed us to treat various components of platforms in both underwater and emerged environments including rotary torque receptacle, riser connectors, connector wellhead, joint stress, tension ring adapter, telescopic riser joint, ring actuation, riser joint tension, union nut riser, joint length adjustment, bottom receptacle, production risers, fasteners, blowout preventers. Our company structure enables us to interact proactively with the customer throughout the project duration from definition of specification, through to process, inspection and final delivery.


Paper & Cardboard

The extensive knowledge of Smaltiriva in paper production, combined with its unique reinforced coating system ‘PLASMA COATINGS’, has helped to solve following problems: maintenance of clean surface of rolls, in particular dryers, in contact with sticky products such as sizing and starch, and smoother and faster running of rolls and thus, paper-machines.

Improved traction in winders and re-winders as well as higher resistance to wear and abrasion where traction is required, in winders, re-winders and paper rolls; Smaltiriva has a special plasma coating system that can be applied directly onto the machine without disassembling the rolls.

The wide range of coatings offers new protective systems for exhaust fans, where ease of cleaning as well as protection from corrosion is required. This coating system is applied on fans /ventilators and casings of exhaust systems in use in paper mills, painting lines, etc. in contact with glue, resin, paint, and aggressive chemicals.


Plastic Production & Molding

Polyethylene Production: The non-stick systems applied by Smaltiriva are ideal for the coating of the inner parts of vessels for polyethylene production, thanks to easy-to-clean properties that allow for shorter cleaning operations.

Plastic Molding: The special non-stick properties of the coatings help to release the plastic parts from the mould, and also help reduce or eliminate the use of release agents without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Smaltiriva coatings can be used in compression moulding as well as roto-moulding technology.

Printing & Converting

The non-stick, easy-to-clean performances of Smaltiriva coatings help to drastically reduce the cost of maintenance in cleaning ink vats during color change in flexo printing.

Fluoropolymer coatings assure maximum release and easy clean properties, reducing shut down time for maintenance and increasing productivity ; traditional coatings developed for application on ink basins and containers, has been developed with specific coatings for frames and all other parts which need to be cleaned during normal use.

A special ‘non-stick’ and ‘conductive’ coating formulated by Smaltiriva has been created in printing with high solvent content inks.


Rubber Production & Molding

Rubber Manufacturing: A special coating with good non-stick properties as well as good mechanical resistance thanks to a hard matrix is applied by Smaltiriva onto vibrating conveyors, cyclones and elevators used for EPDM, SBR, NBR rubber production.

Rubber Molding: The wide coating range applied by Smaltiriva onto molds for the production of rubber articles guarantees reduction or elimination of release agents, reduction of downtime in the cleaning of fast-to-clean molds, and a strong reduction of rejects.

The non-stick coatings are currently applied onto vulcanization molds, calendars for rubber production and rolls for rubber lamination.


Water Treatment


Fluoropolymer coatings from Smaltiriva offer a variety of solutions for environmental applications, particularly in the filtering process and waste water treatment.


Woven/Non-Woven Industry


Non-stick coatings are applied either onto large rolls or smaller machinery parts in woven-non-woven processing. The coatings can be also applied onto a hard-matrix, offering superior non-stick and chemical resistance combined with longer duration.


Coating Systems

Industrial Anti-Stick Coatings


Fluoropolymer based coatings (PTFE, FEP, PFA etc ...) that have non-stick properties making easier and less costly cleaning operations of coated surfaces.

With reference to the most various industrial processes, adhesive products can be removed easily avoiding the use of chemical release agents.

The non-stick coating also prevents fouling and build up of process residues reducing the time needed for maintenance, the production of waste and often improving the quality of the end product.


Bakeware Anti-Stick Coatings 


Smaltiriva has developed for over 50 years a range of technologically advanced coatings specifically for the food industry; these coatings allow the elimination of the use of oils, greases, mould release agents on trays and moulds for the baking industry.

This technology is now widely used by most major world bakery groups; Smaltiriva is able to select the most suitable coating system depending on the type of dough and the production process adopted by the customer.

Our SBSTM coating systems are widely used in the production of: sliced white bread trays for hamburgers, croissants, bread, cakes, biscuits and pastry products. SBSTM systems are in compliance with both national and international food contact regulations.

The most obvious benefits deriving from the adoption of SBSTM coatings are easy to clean, significantly reduced downtime, excellent temperature resistance, good resistance to repeated wash cycles, reducing the percentage of defective products or bi-products, healthier work environment combined with significant reduction of risk of fire.

The validity and effectiveness of non-stick SBSTM systems is derived from the knowledge that our technicians have in the bakeware industry processes, providing customized solutions for each production line.

Our service is not limited solely to the application of coating: Inspection of the status and condition of used molds and trays to define the appropriate mechanical adjustments to restore to full working order. Alternatively through our network of approved suppliers we are able to offer the complete package offering also new pans.


Anti-Corrosion Coatings


Thick coatings (in the order of a millimeter) that are specifically designed to withstand chemically contaminated environments. Are mainly based on fluorocarbon resin (PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA, PE, PA-11, PEEK etc ...) and play a key role in all cases where there is the need for high chemical resistance.

The extreme versatility and the unique characteristics of these resins are suitable to industries dealing with particularly aggressive products, beyond the limits of resistance of traditional materials.

The use of these coatings allows the user benefits in economic terms (replacement of high alloy steels or precious alloys), in terms of production (improved reliability with reduced downtime), in terms of quality of the end product (the absence of contamination of the product by the metal parts).

For each project we provide detailed information on construction requirements requested on parts to be coated.


Anti-Abrasion Coatings


Coatings that often require the application of a hard matrix - from 55 HRC to 72 HRC - designed to provide maximum strength combined with non-stick characteristics to make easier the cleaning of the coated areas.


Dry Lubrication Coatings 


Coatings that provide to the coated parts exceptional characteristics of dry lubrication with a coefficient of friction extremely low, less than the ice. The performance of the coating are guaranteed in the presence of high friction, also the thickness between 5 and 50 microns allows the application of such coating on parts with strict tolerance limits constructive and / or constancy of the coating thickness. 


Traction Coatings


Coatings that often require the application of a hard matrix - from 55 HRC to 72 HRC - metal or resin based, are designed to provide anti-skid surfaces to ensure excellent traction. Their surface finish makes them particularly effective in the field of glue anti sticking and self-adhesive films. 

Mantova & Monte Marenzo, Italy


From early 80’s, Smaltiriva started investing in quality not only in terms of product/process, but also in terms of training to employees and interpersonal relations, as well as attention to customers and suppliers ( total quality approach ).

Early 90’s Smltiriva obtained quality certification according to UNI-EN-ISO 9003, and later on early 2000 obtained certification UNI-EN –ISO 9001 ; in 2008 obtained certification in accordance to the new ISO rules UNI-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

Smaltiriva quality depatment operates in close cooperation with PST Corporate quality department which monthy monitors quality KPI and periodically audits quality system and requires detailed actions plans for performance improvements.

Quality department has very sophisticate instrumentation to monitor processes and product quality and they are available also for customers to check and fine tune process parameters and obtaining the best performance of the coatings ; thanks to a close cooperation with internal R&D department , it is possible to make very detailed “failure analysis “ reports.

Quality Accreditations

Food Compliance

All coatings offered by Smaltiriva for the food industry are guaranteed to the continuous contact with the food during its production phase, thus also for the temperatures that the various production processes may require (in some cases, even over 200 ° C).

The guarantee is produced, in accordance with local regulations, by means of the continuous cooperation with a specialized institute, able also to perform the required tests, the chemical-physical character, which may be from time to time required for obtaining conformity to food contact.

The reference standard for a polymer coating remains the European Regulation N ° 1935/2004, as well as all the directives that refer to it.

These Regulations must then be integrated with the laws, rules and regulations, where they exist, which, while not constituting a waiver or an alternative to the European regulation, represent an integration of the observance of which is equally compelling.

Recently, the introduction of the new regulatory body in the European Regulation No 10/2011, applies to all plastic products, has further specified the requirements that a product must undergo plastic to be compliant for food contact. Although this regulation does not apply, according to the intention of the European legislator, coatings, plastic nature, it nevertheless constitutes a useful integration, in favor of the safety of the user and the consumer, with respect to the Regulation 1935/2011. This is the reason why coatings Smaltiriva are voluntarily tested also according to the dictates of this new regulation.

Oil & Gas / Chemical Process Industry

Our activities in the field of "Oil & Gas" include various solutions of anti-corrosive coatings (Among other brands Xylan ®, Sermagard ®, Halar ®, Blue Armor®, Ever-slik®). We are active on specifications coming from General Electric (GE), FMC, CAMERON, EXXON, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), TOTAL etc...

Our Company structure enables us to interact proactively with the customer throughout the project duration from definition of specification, through to process, inspection and final delivery.

We are at disposal to arrange qualifications at our factories. Upon request we can also provide the inspection of qualified third parties in accordance with typical industry standards (NACE, NORSOK, etc.).

Italian Law 231

Praxair srl has designed and implemented business processes in accordance with this Decree-Law.

Decree-Law 231 of 2001 corporate accountability, Ethics and liability of legal persons, companies and administrative responsibility models of organization, management and control.

The activities of most companies and, consequently, their organization must necessarily take account of the legislation and rules according to this law.

Legislative Decree 231/2001 extends to legal persons responsible for crimes committed in Italy and abroad by individuals working for the company.

Fulfill legislative obligations arising therefrom require:

  • adopt organizational and managerial models suitable for preventing offences;
  • set up an Authority with the task of effectively functioning and compliance of models and their updating;
  • define the organization and management models;
  • identify the activities where such crimes could occur;
  • provide specific protocols directed to schedule training and implementation of the institution's decisions in relation to offences to be prevented;
  • identify how financial resources suitable to prevent the Commission of offences

OHSAS Certification 18001

Smaltiriva Praxair has always put in first place in its values the safety of its workers; on the road to safety standards always higher, Praxair srl obtained the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2013.

In accordance with the international standard OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Specification) ensures compliance with the requirements for management systems of occupational safety and health, and enables an organization to better assess risks and improve their performance.

OHSAS 18001 is intended to standardize controls, knowledge and awareness of possible risks involved in situations of normal and special operations.

OHSAS 18001 certification focuses on the management of health and safety at work and requires organizations continuous improvement, this providing to all stakeholders the assurance of compliance with safety policies