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Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis, indiana

Aviation (Commercial & Defense Aircraft)
Power Generation 



Turbocharger components 

Aviation (Commercial & Defense Aircraft)

Aircraft Engines: Actuator components, afterburner  assemblies, bearings and accessories, combustion chambers, combustion flame tubes, compressor air foils and drums, discs, fuel nozzles, rim cover plates, rings, seals, shafts, swirlers, turbine air foils, turbine discs, and turbine shrouds
Airframe: Actuation systems, auxiliary power unit components, bearings, bevel, conical, input and pinion gears, blade components, environmental control components, landing gear components, main rotor components,  pistons, propulsion structures, rings, shafts,  starter components, swashplate assemblies, tail rotor components, tracks (flap and slat), and wing components

Power Generation

Combustion baskets, compressor blades, compressor wheels, diaphragms, fuel nozzles, impellers, nozzle guide vanes, segments, shroud tiles, transition pieces, turbine buckets, turbine nozzles, and turbine rotors

General Industry 

Homogenizer pistons, textile cutter blades



indianapolis, indiana