Pinhais, Brazil

Pinhais, Brazil

Praxair Surface Technologies do Brasil Ltda

Av. Maringa, 400
CEP 83324-010
Pinhais, Brazil

Tel. +55.41.3661.6200
Fax. +55.41.3661.6230


Awards and Certifications

Quality Accreditation

ABFLEXO/FTA Brazilian Technical Association of Flexography Premium Supplier in Anilox Sleeves 2010-2018

Pinhais, brazil

Food & Beverage
General Industry
Power Generation
Primary Metals
Print & Packaging
Pulp & Paper


Aircraft Engines: Bearings, combustion chambers, compressor air foils and drums, discs, fuel nozzles, rim cover plates, rings, seals, shafts, swirlers, turbine airfoils, discs, and shrouds
Airframe (Center of Excellence): Actuation systems, auxiliary power unit components, environmental control components, landing gear, propulsion structures, starter components, tracks (flap and slat), and wing components


Ball valves, blowout preventers, choke valve inserts, compressor piston rods, connector pins, downhole logging and inspection tools, drill bits, drive shaft seal areas, FCC valve components, gate valves, housings, hydraulic cylinders, mandrels, mechanical seals, mixer rotors, pin subs, pipe inspection rub shoes, plungers, pump shaft sleeves, riser tensioners, rotors, rotor shafts, rub shoes,
seals, shock absorbers, single-lob rotors, stabilizers, sterns, tri-cone drill bits, valve chokes, valve stems, wash pipe, wear pads

Power Generation:

Combustion baskets, compressor blades, compressor wheels, diaphragms, fuel nozzles, impellers, nozzle guide vanes, segments, shroud tiles, transition pieces, turbine buckets, nozzles, and rotors

Primary Metals:

Sink roll, stabilizer roll, furnace roll, sleeves, top roll, bridle roll, deflector roll

pinhais, brazil