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3D Modeling Lab

In our 3D Modeling Lab we design tooling to make the coating process more cost effective and efficient.

High Temperature Lab

Our High-Temperature Lab simulates real-world temperatures to ensure coatings perform to specifications.

Corrosion Lab

Here we use a salt fog test to ensure parts used in industries such as oil and gas and power generation are protected against corrosion.

Jets Rig

See the Jets Rig test in action.


Our scanning electron microscope lab (SEM Lab) enables us to see a highly magnified view of coating compositions.

Suspension Plasma Spray Process

Watch the suspension plasma spray (SPS) process in action.

Making More Possible in Power Generation

Every day a gas turbine is not generating power, you lose revenue. That's why Praxair Surface Technologies develops coatings to improve component lifespans, lower replacement costs and extend the time between service outages.

Coating Services for the Aviation Industry

From development to new product introduction (NPI) to production to repair, our performance-driven workforce can complete the full job scope for the aviation industry while delivering the desired results.

Making More Possible in Printing and...

For more than a quarter century, press manufacturers, printers and converters around the world have turned to Praxair Surface Technologies for ceramic laser-engraved anilox rolls and sleeves that fit their application and offer longer service...

Coating Applications for the Aviation...

Here's a sampling of the components and systems that can be protected from such conditions as corrosion, high temperature and wear with a high-performance Praxair coating.

31 - 40 of 478 View All