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Polishing Products Manufacturing

Bird's eye view of polishing products being manufactured.

Discovery Lab

It all starts in the Discovery Lab where we develop next-generation coatings for ultimate protection.

Wear Lab

Watch as we conduct wear testing in our Indianapolis-based lab.

3D Modeling Lab

In our 3D Modeling Lab we design tooling to make the coating process more cost effective and efficient.

High Temperature Lab

Our High-Temperature Lab simulates real-world temperatures to ensure coatings perform to specifications.

Corrosion Lab

Here we use a salt fog test to ensure parts used in industries such as oil and gas and power generation are protected against corrosion.

Jets Rig

See the Jets Rig test in action.


Our scanning electron microscope lab (SEM Lab) enables us to see a highly magnified view of coating compositions.

Suspension Plasma Spray Process

Watch the suspension plasma spray (SPS) process in action.

28 - 36 of 501 View All