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Tribomet Process

Our Tribomet abrasive coatings allow for turbocharger nozzle designs that reduce the gap between the stator and rotor to improve fuel efficiencies.

Wire Arc Spray Process

Molybdenum wire spray coatings are ideal for friction control on automotive components such as synchronizer rings and shifting forks.

HVOF Coating Process Auto

Watch Praxair’s patented wear-control coating be applied via the high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) process to aluminum wheels.

Fluoropolymer Coating Process

Fluoropolymer coatings can protect against salt corrosion for components exposed to offshore atmospheric and subsea environments.

D-Gun Coating Process Metal Production

See our proprietary detonation gun (D-Gun) thermal spray process in action—the leading solution for parts that require extraordinary wear and mechanical properties—applying a coating to a process roll used in steel manufacturing.

Laser-Cladding Process Power Generation

Watch as boiler waterwall panels are laser clad.

LPPS Coating Process

LPPS is plasma spraying under low-pressure conditions. It offers all the advantages of plasma spray while delivering the inert environment to produce very dense coatings with ultra-low oxide content.

TSA Process

Eliminate corrosion on drilling and production risers and subsea piping with our specially applied thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA) coatings.

HVOF Coating Process Ball Valves

Our high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF)-applied coatings are hard and wear-resistant to impede erosive and abrasive wear and corrosive attack, and deliver a tight seal every time to help you achieve zero leakage.

19 - 27 of 482 View All