Coatings by composition

Coatings for any operation

We’ve spent more than 50 years developing coatings that address the challenges you face every day. No matter your industry, application or location, we have the right coating to meet your needs. And if we don’t, we’ll develop it.

Explore our coating families below to see some of our proprietary formulas and how they can benefit your business. 

Carbide/Cermet -

Cermet/Carbide Coating


Bimetallic carbides

Wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance

Chromium carbide

Protection from elevated temperature wear

Tungsten carbide

Wear and some corrosion resistance

CoreGard™ coatings

Hard, wear-resistant inner diameter protection

Ceramic -

Ceramic Coating


Aluminum oxide

Economy wear and corrosion protection

Chromium oxide

Economy wear and corrosion protection

Zirconium oxide

Thermal barrier protection and rub resistance for compressor and turbine blade tips

Zircoat® and Zircoat® HP coatings

Thermal barrier protection and solid particle erosion resistance; accommodates expansion and contraction of underlying metal substrates

Ceramic-Metallic (Cermet) -

Cermet Coating


Aluminum-ceramic includes SermaBond®, SermaGard®, SermaLube® and SermeTel™ coatings

Aqueous corrosion resistance; often used as corrosion-resistant primer under other sealers; chrome-free alternative available

Aluminum-ceramic fouling-resistant coating systems includes SermeTel™ 2F-1 and SermeTel™ 5380 and their chrome-free derivatives

Smooth coating limits fouling with mineral deposits or organic polymers in steam turbines and compressors; offers exceptional resistance to aqueous corrosion

Aluminum-ceramic hardened coating system including SermaWear™coatings

Optimal resistance to hard particle and aqueous corrosion

Aluminum-ceramic polymer sealed coating system including SermaLon™and ShorCoat™ coatings

Rain- and erosion-resistant coating for aluminum alloys; resistance to aqueous corrosion; replacement for hard anodizing on aluminum lipskins and wing slats used in aviation

Aluminum-ceramic sealed coating system including SermaSeal®, SermeTel™ 5380 and its chrome-free derivative

Resists aqueous corrosion on aluminum alloys and high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel alloys; replacement for cadmium plating on steel; recommended for acidic SO2/CO2 environments;chrome-free alternative available

Aluminum-ceramic smooth sealed coating system including SermaFlow™ and SermeTel™ 5380 DP

Aerodynamic coating provides resistance to aqueous corrosion and can replace diffused nickel-cadmium and aluminum AS-12 on gas-path components

Cermet/Diffusion -

Cermet/Diffusion Coating

Application Process


Diffused platinum aluminide

Pack deposition

Excellent oxidation resistance

Diffused silicon-modified platinum aluminide

Slurry deposition

Excellent oxidation and sulfidation resistance

Fluoropolymer -

Fluoropolymer Coating


Food applications

Release properties suitable for food contact

Industrial applications includes SermaShield™ coatings

Chemical resistance; effective alternative to sheet lining, explosive-bonded tantalum, glass linings for certain chemical services

Blue Armor® fluoropolymer

Seamless system based on ECTFE; modified for improved processing and abrasion resistance; reliable alternative to glass linings and exotic alloys

Metal/Alloy -

Metal/Alloy Coating


Aluminide including SermAlcote™ coatings

Hot corrosion and oxidation protection


Bond coat and corrosion barrier


Bond coat and corrosion barrier


Anti-fretting and conductivity


Buildup or laser cladding applications


Corrosion protection


Bond coat, corrosion resistance and high-temperature protection

Platinum aluminide

TBC bond coat and oxidation resistance

Platinum silicon aluminide

Hot corrosion and sulfidation resistance

Metal/Diffusion -

Metal/Diffusion Coating


Diffused chromium

Hot corrosion resistance on nickel alloys

Diffused silicon-modified aluminum slurry including SermaLoy™ and its chrome-free derivative

Uniquely resistant to both low- and high-temperature hot corrosion on nickel, cobalt alloys and certain stainless steels; can replace chrome-aluminides in high-sulfur environments

Metal/MCrAIY -

Metal/MCrAIY Coating


Cobalt + CrAlY

Ductile metallic bond coat suited for industrial gas turbines

Nickel + CrAlY

Ductile metallic bond coat used primarily in aero gas turbines

Polymer -

Polymer Coating


Low-friction polymer

Lower friction for fretting and galling resistance on slide contact surfaces; alternative to hard chrome plating

Reactive inhibited metal-filled polymer coating systems

Corrosion and fouling resistance for magnesium and aluminum alloys; can be applied over anodizing; replacement for epoxy sealers